‘1908’ is a tribute to a special building on a special campus.

The 1908 Building (so-called by students of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics) was the main building of Watts Hospital, and now serves as administrative and classroom space for the school.   No glue, no tape, no staples, no scissors required!

How to Put It Together

Making the Brandenburg Gate

Started preparing this model for Britta and Arne’s wedding some weeks ago, but had only gotten as far as this approximation of the Brandenburg Gate…

…when I got a volunteer in the form of Taj to help rough out which details to capture in the model.

Taj hasn’t been to the Brandenburg Gate, but he *has* put together the Lego model of the Brandenburg Gate–he spent some time doing internet research on the actual appearance of the monument.

We made some sketches to lay out pieces and determine how large the final model would be, if printed on one sheet.

The model of just the gate itself fit on one page, but without any of the other buildings it turned out to be not so recognizable.

So I added the outer buildings. In joining the buildings together, I made a small error in how the rooflines would connect…

Once I had the outer buildings formed, I still had a little trouble realizing which side is the front of the gate.

It bothered me a little that the rear porticos had no columns inside them, so I added them in a way that I hope will make the entire structure more stable.

Print and cut first edition!

I hope it’s a big hit at the wedding. It seems there will be lots of architects there; and architects are pretty picky about their models…

Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon, or Pogona is native to Australia. Its name comes from the fact that the area of the skin on the underside of the throat turns black whenever the lizard is under stress or feels threatened. An excellent climber, the bearded dragon likes to bask on rocks and in exposed tree branches in the morning and afternoon.

This bearded dragon is named ‘Tip’, and he likes it when you rub his belly. Here’s how you put him together.

Brandenburg Gate

Actually, Britta and Arne tied more than 60 knots in preparation for today…that should get them to their Diamond Anniversary!

If you’re wondering how to put together this special edition Brandenburg Gate, then this video may help you. Plus an Eschenbräu or two won’t hurt either.

Food Truck

‘Food Truck’ is fun to put together, and comes in many different graphic treatments. It can be literally any food truck you want it to be!

Lots of detail: it shows the vents and order / pickup windows, the counters, the fan that blows the food smell out into the street. The folks standing in line don’t mind at all–they’re color coordinated to the brand on the food truck, even. Lots of room for the food truck logo on the sides, front, back and top. It’s the tastiest thing on four wheels. No glue, no tape, no staples, no scissors required!

How to Put It Together