‘Buzludzha’ is the first punch-out to travel behind the Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain of pre-1989, that is.

Buzludzha is the location of the first meeting of the Bulgarian Communist Party, and the location was marked in 1981 by the erection of this amazing structure, at great expense to Bulgarians (who at the time could ill afford it!) Like the lovechild of Steven Spielberg and Vladimir Lenin, Buzludzha appears to belong not only to another time, but to another solar system. No glue, no tape, no staples, no scissors required!

Buzludzha Lives!

Download the Design

Using the first two pdf files below, you can first print the Buzludzha Punchout Model on 130# cover paper (at a size of 8.5 x 11 inches, digital offset printing recommended for this thickness), and then using the last pdf, you can laser cut the model from the printed sheet.

Creative Commons License

Buzludzha Punchout Model by David Hunkins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Making Senna

Senna was lots of fun to make! She was first proposed at a dinner at least a year ago, and then when Anne and Geoff found out that no dogs were allowed at their wedding hall, we had to think of a way to bring Senna into the ceremony.

Scissors prototype to get the general shape here. Senna looks a little bit like a bear here.

Of course, there was a sketch first…

Senna sketch

This version of Senna gets the snout approximately right, but her head is too wobbly on her shoulders so I want to make some changes.

You have to test each design a lot by putting it together with different people. Everybody figures it out a different way, and sometimes you learn a better way to do it just by watching them put it together.

zoo of crazy Sennas

Ready for mass production?


Senna is my favorite bichon frise. She’s lively, curious, and always in a good mood. She loves to give performances, especially at dinnertime.

How to Put It Together

Aidan shows us how to build Sutro Tower

Here’s a young maker showing dedication to the cause! Aidan punched and crimped and folded and inserted his way through the entire San Francisco Collection! Are you surprised that he started with the Sutro Tower?

Finishing touches on Sutro Tower…

Thoughtful study: why do these struts point inward and not outward? It’s the magic of paper: flexing it to the outside gives the final model more strength: you can balance a book on it when it’s done!