Kira and the Robot

I love putting new models together with Kira–she knows all my tricks and always has good ideas for how to improve the models. It’s fun to color them together to see where we go with the graphic ideas. In this case, we went in *very* different directions!

EPIC Punch

Made a quick logo punch for my pal Andrew at Epic Design.

I think you could generalize this to any letter pattern with any font, as long as every part of every letter is connected (true for almost all English fonts).

Conference Swag Idea: Tablet Holder?

I’ve been thinking about conference give-away ideas: things that you can take home easily in a laptop bag and that are fun to build when you get home. A gift for the child that stays at home–

For this idea, I wanted to make it something that would be fun to build but also useful to have: a holder for your tablet (for watching Netflix or reading a recipe or while tuned into Spotify). 

It’s easy to decorate and brand for any conference–