Campanile Morning

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One day from concept to production. Quick: the most recognizable landmark in Berkeley? I went with my niece TK to tour the campus; the forecast called for rain but as typical in the bay area it just got sunnier and sunnier. We ended up after the tours back at the campanile, which our tour guide pronounced as though it rhymed with 'grandpa Neal,' so we adopted our grandpa and took him home with us. image
image Last night and this morning we made some sketches image And started to cut shapes out to play with them to see what kind of scale we could achieve with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper image image image Prototypes use lots of paper at the beginning to save waste in later stages! From the first trial to the last we more than doubled the height of the tower, and got to about 80% utilization of the paper surface. image First production happy prototype from the cutter, had to make some tweaks to laser cutter settings to avoid melting down. image Taking a text break. image Painted in the garage tonight after a party for a friend. TK sleeping soundly when I returned! image Assembly and quality control. image image image image image Tambre at TechShop. From concept to mass production in less than a day!

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