Making Tip the Bearded Dragon

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Kira and I weren't sure what we were going to make during Camp Dave, but we figured it out pretty quick. Kira had been enamored lately of the bearded dragon lizard who had come to live in her brother's room for a few weeks.


After a few sketches, we started to try to figure out how to make the head.


Kira made some folding attempts, and then started squeezing the pieces together. Some folds naturally started forming in the paper, and so we traced them onto the paper in ink, and straightened them out a little.


After the head shape was determined, we talked a lot about how to give the body depth and volume. We tried a few ideas before we settled on a ridged back with a round belly, which provided nice volume and a simple way of putting the pieces together.


With the first prototype in hand, we finished Camp Dave for the day.


But unknown to Kira, I started to put the lizard into CAD right away.  


After a few minutes, the paper model was captured.


The next time I got into TechShop, I printed one and saw that it was pretty easy to put together. The head needed some angles changed, and the feet weren't really touching the ground though.


Some changes, and the tail design made more modular.


Scaling the parts down so that the whole model would fit on 8.5 x 11 sheet like many of the other punch-outs.


Something still bothering me about the hind legs. They have a different orientation than the front legs, and model has more personality if the front legs are a little more flayed to the sides.


With modified hind legs, and then some rough ideas for the coloring and shading.


First print run, laser cut and assembled. Looks pretty nice. From the time we built our prototype to first 'production' run: 3 weeks.


Next I want to put it together with Kira to see what she thinks!

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