AT&T Park

‘AT&T Park’ is the first experiment with a venue-sponsored punchout. We’ll see how it goes! Know anybody at the SF Giants merchandising office? 🙂

I don’t usually go for total architectural accuracy in punchout models, but this one is pretty close. It captures the unique geometry of this ballpark where lefties have been aiming for the right field wall since its opening over a decade ago. No glue, no tape, no staples, no scissors required!

Sutro Tower

The Sutro Tower is not only a prominent part of the San Francisco skyline and a fascinating landmark for visitors, but also provides television receptions for the local residents. Before its construction in 1973 the television reception in the city was very spotty due to the many hills blocking the signal. The great height of the Sutro Tower – 977 ft – solved this problem. The tower is situated on a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro, which is where it gets its name.

The Zatchu Punch Sutro is made with a wide stance to make it very stable, but still captures the aesthetic of the tower perfectly.

How to Put It Together


Fun day collaborating with Brett–lots of technical challenges to get over in this design from memory. (Neither of us consulted a picture of a grand piano while we made this!)
This is a rather more difficult model to put together: but well worth it when you get the detail right–I heard Beethoven as I put it together!