Paper Toy Design and Production

Why a Paper Model?

Paper toys and models…

Our models require no scissors or glue: they’re just fun to put together.

What We Do for You–in Phases

Evaluation. We meet with you to determine whether a custom paper punch-out model fits your needs. We make sketches. We talk numbers. This takes place in real-time, with some follow-up work and a quote, which can take as long as three days.

Design Round 1. We make a preliminary structural design of the toy, and include hints at a graphical design in order to get to a final physical design. At this point, if the production volume is high, we make a die. Subject to design and cost constraints, we select a paper. This takes about two weeks.

Design Round 2. We make a preliminary graphical design and try it out with the physical design. Subject to design and cost constraints, we select a printing and packaging process. Depending on the design, this takes two weeks or longer. 

Production and Delivery. We send the model to production, and the completed model is shipped to you. Depending on the production process selected, this could take 4-6 weeks for production and another 2 weeks for shipping.


  • How much does it cost?
    • That depends on the complexity of the model, the production processes used, and the quantity needed. We have set up a custom model for mass production with the first run of 1000 produced for $5K (subsequent runs are less expensive because the design and tooling are already done)
  • Can you make me a model from Star Wars?
    • Yes! But you’ll have to work with us to license the content from Disney. (And, by the way, if *you* are Disney then we would love to talk to you.)
  • How do we reduce the risk that you won’t like it?
    • You pay as you go. There is no charge for our initial session, and many of the risks will be exposed there. During the first round of physical design, most of the costs are exposed. Payment for the design process is required up front, but you won’t be expected to pay any productions costs until there is a design you like. When you see the completed design, you pay for all production costs in advance.