Focus Group Testing the Golden Gate Bridge Card

I gave the Golden Gate Bridge Card to Kira to see what she would make of it. She was eager to put it together. But, you know, focus group facilitators like to take things step by step…

Dave: So, Kira, what are you holding in your hand?

Kira: It’s a punch-out paper model.

Dave: Imagine you’re buying it in a store. What kind of store are you in?

Kira: A toy store?

Dave: Okay–imagine that you are at a birthday party. What do you bring?

Kira: A gift?

Dave: Yes–and what else do you bring?

Kira: Food?

Dave: Okay. If you found this in your mailbox, what would you call it?

Kira: Mail?

Dave: Kira, have you ever heard the phrase ‘greeting card’…?

I am the worst focus group facilitator ever. But Kira is super quick to figure out how everything goes together–I stopped providing instructions to her years ago. With the Bridge Model, she even made it fit together pretty well somehow without using the towers at all (since they were on the front of the card, she hesitated to punch them out the first time). 

Avery got in on the action, too. Thanks for trying out the Golden Gate Bridge. (The wind was pretty tough in the bay that day!)